How to Install Hindi fonts on Blackberry

Sep 7th, 201130 Comments

Update:  Here is an easy way to install Hindi font on OS 5, 6, 7 devices -


Prerequisite: image


  1. Install the latest version of BBSAK from above link and also download the Indic cod file.
  2. Connect the blackberry device through USB and make sure the BB Desktop Manager is closed throughout the process.
  3. Execute the BBSAK application and input your BB password if present otherwise skip by pressing OK.
  4. Once the window is open, your BB Pin should be visible otherwise it is not connected.
  5. Then go to the Modify CODs tab and click on Read System
  6. Next click on Install COD(S) and locate and install the Indic cod file and click OPEN
  7. Sit back and wait for it to install, you will see a loading screen on the blackberry screen for a few seconds and then a dialog box on your PC will confirm the installation.
  8. Then simply unplug your device and you will be able to read the Hindi language on your device.

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30 Responses to “How to Install Hindi fonts on Blackberry”

  1. Varsh says:

    Shall I read Marathi sites with the help of BBSAK?

  2. yatendra says:

    Does anyone can tell about installing hindi fonts like krtdev etc on BlackBerry Playbook. Would be greatly thankful. YK

  3. yatendra says:

    does anybody can tell how to install hindi fonts like Krtdev etc on BlackBerry Playbook. Thanks in advance. YK

  4. yatendra says:

    has anybody figured out hindi font installation in playbook word doc app? plz let me know

  5. ishwar says:

    I am connecting my blackberry 9800 with mac so i need this for mac if u can please help me out

  6. yatendra says:

    It is possible to read Hindi on Playbook as it supports unicode. So u can see hindi unicode fonts like mangal etc on Playbook. But I could not figure out a way for typing in Hindi on Playbook.

  7. rahul says:

    gr8 dude…it really works…thnks a ton….

  8. Vishal Singh Rawat says:

    Well friends I have recently discovered a way to read Hindi script i.e., Devanagari script on OS 5 Devices.

    This could be achieved by following the steps mentioned below:

    Fonts could be downloaded from the following Link

    The downloaded file could be extracted with the help of application like Winrar.

    Install the downloaded osho_125.ttf file with the help of a Blackberry App like “Font Control”. This app could be easily downloaded from Blackberry App World for free.

    The font can be installed without the help of the App also. Just change the extension of the file from osho_125.ttf to osho_125.font and copy paste the file into the following directory in your Backberry device.

    Device memory/ appdata/ rim/ fonts

    The directory is generally hidden, so please enable the show hidden files/ folder option, and a reboot is required.

    By following the above mentioned techniques we can install any script on our device, like gujrati, Gurumukhi (Punjabi), Bengali, etc. The font should be Unicode true type font and should be below 90 kb file size.

    I have also installed Raavi.ttf on my device for reading Gurumukhi (Punjabi) script. My device is running on OS 5.

  9. dipak jaul says:

    Hindi font download

  10. Hemant M. says:

    Thanks, it works on my BB9300 3G.!

  11. Will try it happen or not. :)

  12. Stanley says:

    It really works…. Thanks a ton Guys….

  13. neeraj sanadhya says:

    really it works perfectly

  14. shabbir says:

    does it affect the warranty in way ? what about arabic fonts ?

  15. Navin says:


    Hindi font is now present in my Blackberry 9700.
    But how do i type Hindi ???
    When going for ALT+ENTER… i can select hindi language, but while writing I am not able to see all the letters of hindi…
    How will I write a complete statement using all the letters in Hindi ???
    Please help.

  16. Sandeep says:


    I wanted to ask you, can i install gujarati fonts in blackberry??

    if yes then how??

    please reply

  17. meera says:

    how do I type hindi in blackberry bold 9780 os6?

  18. Ajeet Pandey says:

    Very useful, worked well for my Bold 3 ( 9780) , Many thanks !!

  19. Satrajit says:

    Thanks, it is working for my BB 9780 .:)

  20. Nishan says:

    Help to load punjabi fonts on BB9800 6.0 Bundle 2342

  21. pramit jain says:

    go to bb browser and type this link

  22. Samir says:

    dear sir,

    thanks for your help….now i can read hindi message on my curve 8520 …..but i want to need 1 more help from ur side..i wan to read also gujarati message…so plz u tell me which font to install in my mobile and if possible plz provide me that font…


  23. Vinay says:

    Please confirm how/where get the Hindi Font for BB Strom 9530 OS 5…
    Thanks in Advance

  24. Rahul Daga says:

    Awesome, Thanks A ton, Worked on 8520 Curve and 9700

  25. sandeep says:

    STEPS to install fonts:
    1. INstall BBSAK from this site.
    2. Install font file (e.g. for Hindi Fonts:
    3. Now follow the STEPS listed above/below.

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